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I specialize in Love and breaking up, Health and Business

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Tallahassee Psychic, Spiritual Reader, Palm Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Psychic
I am Gifted From God to help you.
Don't consider me just another reader.
I have appeared on television, you have heard me on the radio, you have read about me in the newspaper. Friends, I urge you to come and see me. I have been gifted from GOD to help people, "GOD HIMSELF CANNOT COME DOWN", but he has gifted people such as me to help you through your time in need whether it be through LOVE, LUCK, HAPPINESS, SICKNESS, MARRIAGE, HEALTH, BUSINESS, etc...
Whatever your problem may be all things are possible through GOD and I promise that my work is through GOD. If you are suffering, sick, worried, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. GOD did not put you here to suffer, he put you here for a purpose. I CAN HELP YOU! What you see and hear your heart must believe. One visit will satisfy your heart and you will see that I CAN HELP YOU TO FIND HAPPINESS,
If you give me a chance I PROMISE I WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU.
I have helped thousands, why not you? Don't deny yourself, or other happiness. Don't let time or distance stand in your way. If you are suffering from ALCOHOLISM, DRUGS, SICKNESS, DARKNESS, PAIN OR LONELINESS I WILL HELP YOU to open your eyes and your mind to see yourself and people or any other problems as they really are.

Yes these things are possible!

If you just need someone to talk to about your problems PLEASE CALL ME. Every 1 step you take GOD takes 2 to help you. I also give lucky days and numbers. If someone dear to you is suffering, I can help through my years of experience. I have helped many. LET ME HELP YOU. Come call or write me NOW, TODAY. I can call your enemies by name. I give Date, Time and Places how and when. If you are troubled by conditions that are not natural I can help to remove them. I can guide you to help keep your JOB. ICAN HELP YOU TO SUCCEED WHERE YOU HAVE FAILED. Remember, I AM A TRUE PSYCHIC. Born gifted with power and I CAN HELP! During many years in practice I have brought together many marriages and reunited many who were separated. If you are unhappy, discouraged, in distress, bad luck seems to follow you, I CAN HELP YOU. Has the one you love changed? I can help you figure out why. I will help you discover who your friends and enemies are. I can guide and help you to see if the one you love is true or false. I warn you gravely, and suggest to you wisely and explain fully. One visits will convince you that I am superior to any other Reader. I can help where others have failed.

Come, Call or Write
Sister Mary
Spiritual Reader - Spiritual Advisor
Visit me in the privacy of my home.
1522 West Tharpe St.
Tallahassee FL 32303

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